From my window in Tenerife

ANTONIETA CENDOYA, clinical psychologist.

I am a qualified and experienced psychologist with a broad career in psychotherapy, neuropsychology, research and supervision of clinical practice.


I attend people of all ages, both individuals and families. I believe that we are able to recover from trauma, losses and adverse conditions by discovering personal psychological resources.


Our work is absolutely confidential.

I follow the general European Union data protection regulation (GDPR) last form from 25 May 2018.


Feel free to get in touch –by phone or email– to have a 15 minute conversation that can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. We can have a brief conversation and book your first session.

+372 59817714 Eesti

Psychotherapy Adults.

I see patients in person (Tallinn only) and online consultations via video calls, to address affective and mood concerns. The first steps will require for the depth of your psychological condition, identify important personality characteristics, uncover a difficult coping attitude providing more information about the way you think, feel and behave.


I suggest an initial commitment of 12 sessions, after which we can review our work and decide on how to move forward. In most cases we work together on an open ended contract, which means the therapy will be as long as you need.


The sessions are weekly and at regular times; same day, same time, every week.

Parents Counseling.

Contact with parents help to rebuild parent-child relationship damaged or estranged. It is –for instance- the case of parents who had a good relationship with their children until the time of a separation or divorce.


Also, counselling provides understanding and practical tools for parents and caregivers to prevent maltreatment, strengthen family functioning and increase family stability.

Learning Disorders. Neuropsychology.

Any neurodevelopmental disorder that interferes with the learning of academic and/or social skills.


A developmental perspective is required, because these disorders have their origin in genetic and environmental risk factors that generally act early in development and change the developmental trajectory in particular domains of functioning.


As children with a particular  learning disorder encounter different developmental tasks, different symptons emerge.

Clinical Supervision.

This is a 75-minutes session once a week, in a small group of three therapists/advanced students to provide master diagnosis and treatment of all ages.


You will have accessibility to clinical tools and resources in English, Spanish and French. Discussions mainly on case management, protocols, giving consistent, high-quality feedback.